The Del Tachi Guild

Session 3: Fright Night

ZombiesWith most of the survivors of Wintermist in tow, the adventurers and their caravan of wagons made their way towards Sunnyvale. On the first day of the voyage, the travelers were attacked by a group of Dire Wolves which they killed with few problems. The adventurers encouraged the hapless (and homeless) villagers forward.

As the sun began to set on the second day, the group found themselves an hour or so outside the village of Voncene, and decided to push on. As they approached the village, the night seemed still accept for the moan of the wind…or the moan of the undead. The party, was immediately beset upon by a horde of zombies. Instinctively, Toran Ironarm pushed forward, battling glob after glob of corrosive flesh being thrown his way. Pesmerga organized the retreat of the Wintermist survivors while Aesther Derune unleashed his holy might. Azrec Derune and Japhy Nightstrider flung spells and daggers thinning the enemy as best they could.

Pesmerga charged forward from the rear after seeing to the safety of the villagers but unfortunatly, not soon enough for Torin. Taking blow after blow from the unholy legion, the Paladin called to his god for strength—a call that would not be heard. Torin fell under the onslaught of zombies.

With Pesmerga coming to the front lines in reserve, the adventurers were able to finally put down the last of the zombies, but they were too late for their friend. The adventuring friends handled their loss in quite different ways: Pesmerga flew into a hot rage, Japhy was shocked yet quiet and the Derune brothers pragmatically.

When it became apparent the area was safe, the townsfolk of Voncene came out, many of them quick to point the blame of the zombie epidemic at Vicgeon Fielderson. While the creepy undertaker denied no hatred for the zombies, it seemed to the group he was not responsible for the undeath.

The group decided to roust the Mayor, Xanros Hawklight and his wife, Mallora Hawklight out of bed over the incident. After a verbal confrontation over the pair’s indifference over the zombies, Mallora revealed herself to be a necromancer. She was swiftly killed in battle. On Azrec’s recommendation, the town well was blocked off for the likely hood that it was poisoned and causing the zombie affliction.


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