The Del Tachi Guild

Session 1: Did Somebody Say Goblins???

The opening session began with the five heroes Aesther Derune, Azrec Derune, Jaffey, Pesmerga, and Toran Ironarm sitting up on a tranquil bluff near Toran and Jaffey’s home town, Wintermist. The feeling in the sunset-tinted mist was celebratory over the successful graduation from the preeminent adventurers’ academies in all of the realms. Lingering under the surface however, in the empty pauses in the conversational flow, was a sentiment of reflection of the road traveled to get to their current plateau, as well as an uneasy questioning as to which path the friends would journey down next…

Setting sun

Before these questions could find their answers, however, Japhy and Aesther alerted the group to the sounds of battle coming from the direction of Wintermist. One the run back to town, the group encounter and quickly dispatched a group of goblins.

As they entered town, they saw a child run out of a house only to be cut down by a pair of goblins. The heroes were able to kill both goblins and Aesther was able to bring the child back from the brink of death.

On entering town, the widespread chaos and devastation made itself apparent as there were goblins everywhere and many buildings on fire. As the group engaged in battle with a group of well armed goblins (one of whom spoke common), they began to realize the dearth of townsfolk running around.

Toran and Pesmerga anchored down the front line as Japhy knifed enemies in the back. The brothers, Azrec and Aesther slung spells from the back, devasting enemies. As the battle came to a close, the Town Hall collapsed under the weight of the fire, with the heroes unable to get there in time. Many townsfolk perished in the flames.Goblins


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